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The Young Agency, is a full-service model/talent agency with a presence in Arizona since 1996. Pamela Young has been the creative force behind the Young Agency for the last 20 years, having served on the board of directors for women in film, AZ chapter from 1999-2001. She holds the trade names for Az’s next top model, Az’s Got Talent, Kid’s Fashion Week, is a published author of the highly successful book “How to become a Kid-model” all the while being completely committed to the development of each model /talent who dreams of success in the entertainment industry.

The Young Agency is Licensed and bonded by the state of Arizona and is an upstanding; “A+” rated Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. As one of Arizona’s premiere talent agency, we represents model/talent for local and national print, fashion, runway, commercial television, film, voice over, video, trade show and promotional modeling.

Additionally, The Young Agency has booked talent in lead and supportive roles in several films and sitcoms including one-tree hill, CBS’s mom, a $250,000.00 payout to the winner of beauty and the geeks final season and most recently, the Young Agency’s own Brittany Brown placed in the top six models competing in recent season of Tyra Banks hit TV show America’s next top model.

Having received many flattering testimonials from several of the entertainment industry’s top professionals as well as letters of recognition from Senator John McCain, former Governor Janet Napolitano and many of Arizona’s other leading figures, The Young Agency will continue to lead in the entertainment industry developing and booking some of today’s new model/talent and tomorrow’s future stars.

Click the following links to view letters of recognition from Senator John McCain and Governor Janet Napolitano.

Meet Pamela Young

Pamela Young

Pamela Young


Pamela Young founded The Young Agency in 1996 and continues to serve as President and CEO today. As a former Model and successful Phoenix businesswomen for over 30 years, Ms. Young’s experience and know-how has solidified her to be a leader in the industry where she has helped launch and guide the careers of many model, actors, singers and dancers.

Ms. Young is the published author of a new book How to Become a Kid-Model; The Hidden Secrets that will skyrocket your career! © 2015

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21st of February 2018 09:55 PM

Stage/Live Play
"Ladies in Waiting"
Shakespearean Text

What's a Tudor monarch to do when he has to face all six of his wives in the afterlife? Ladies in Waiting finds King Henry VIII in a purgatory-like situation, where one by one he must confront and face off with each of his wives. Through dark humour, devastating truths, and powerful revelations, Henry comes face to face with what his legacy has become: one entirely defined by women.

All Actresses must be proficient in RP dialect or demonstrate skill in learning dialects

Anne Boleyn:
Female-English accent
Looks 25-35

Jane Seymour:
Female-English accent
Looks 25-30

Anne of Cleves:
Female-German accent
Looks 25-35

Catherine Howard:
Female-English accent
Looks 16-25 but legally 18

Katherine Parr:
Female-English accent
Looks 25-40

Phoenix, AZ

Auditions begin: February 26, 2018
Rehearsals begin: March 18, 2018
Run/Shoot: April 12, 2018 - April 22, 2018


TYA talent - check your inbox!
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20th of February 2018 09:45 PM Link
If you've seen this beauty at The Scottsdale Quarter, it's The Young Agency model Nicolette Sciortino working her magic!

Congrats and we love seeing our talent out and about in Arizona!
#talenttuesday goes to this girl 100%
Message image
19th of February 2018 07:00 PM Link
Happy Monday everyone!

We hope that you are as excited to see Justin Timberlake in May at the Talking Stick Arena as our #modelmonday man of the day and in house JT Look-a-like - PETER!
Peter is booked all over for his JT look, and we're proud of him! Keep up the good work!

If you'd like to book Pete, please give the agency a call! 602.212.2668
15th of February 2018 08:57 PM
We're excited for the Acting for Film and TV Workshop happening this weekend and next weekend!

We hope to see you there!

TYA talent, if you are NOT confirmed, please give us a call so we can make sure you're on the list!
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